Student Disounts

Student Discount FAQ


What are student discounts?

Swadeshi Yoga offers a 15% discount to the students of teachers who have an active Teacher Account.


How does it work?

Once a teacher opens an account they are issued a Student Discount Code that can be passed along to their students.  A student enters the code at checkout to receive the discounts.


How do I know if my teacher has an account?

Simply click here and let us know their name and the city, state, and zip where they teach.  If they have registered we will forward the discount code to you.  You can then use it anytime and as many times as you wish.


What if my teacher hasn't opened an account, does that mean I don't have access to the savings?

No.  If your teacher hasn't registered we will send you a complimentary discount code that can be used once per student.